Competitive retrofit and modernization solutions

Wifag printing presses have been built to the highest quality standards and can be used for decades.

Wifag Services AG offers customers a wide range of customized retrofit and modification solutions to safeguard daily production and ensure a high level of machine availability over the entire life cycle. We also focus on providing long-lasting outstanding print quality and on making our systems easier to operate.

The Wifag retrofit solution is a modular system for the gradual renewal of the entire printing press. Various retrofit steps can be combined to suit specific requirements. The individual steps then build on each other – in other words, once an investment has been made, it can continue to be used in the following steps, ensuring investment security. Once all retrofit steps have been completed, the press is completely renovated in electrical and electronic terms. The essential electrical components are state of the art. Many technical printing functions that serve to reduce waste or increase quality can be implemented with the control retrofit.

A selection of retrofit and modification solutions can be found below: (depending on the type of machine)

Replacement of obsolete components such as:

  • Terminal KeTop
  • Terminal Pilz
  • Symac AS-PL12
  • Symac AS-PL14
  • Fan-Out Motor
  • lateral register motor
  • Server
  • Drive board KW-R03/R04
  • Improved quality and color density when accelerating the press
  • Temperature equalization in damping units during production
  • Lateral register for tabloid products
  • Plate cylinder position stop
  • Printing unit disengaging function at the end of production
  • Emergency operation function for color register control
  • Rotoclean integration
software solutions
  • Flyover
  • Flying Page
  • Free Front
  • Spadea
  • Half Cover
additional functions
  • Variable or fixed web widths
webwidth reduction
  • Complete machine relocation
  • Machine reconfigurations
  • Machine preservation
projects other

Do not hesitate to contact our specialists to find the best solution for your printing shop and Wifag equipment.