Competitive Service Solutions

You run a high end Wifag offset newspaper press system, which was built with a lot of knowhow, experience and commitment. With the same qualifications, Wifag operates a service organization, with the aim to serve all our customers in the operation and maintenance of its Wifag press system optimally.

A service level agreement contains economically sensible packages of defined services, which the customer can utilize for as long as the agreement is in valid. This customized arrangement allows wifag services to plan its resources and to offer an advantageous price for customers desiring to purchase these services.

Our goal: satisfied customers based on a sustainable service

Full range of Service Products

allows you to choose a tailored service for your needs. These services can be offered as a service package for a defined time or as single product according to the current needs.

In discussion together with you, we will figure out your needs and create your tailored service solution in order to improve your machine performance and to ensure the availability of your Wifag equipment.

Our specialist at the helpdesk are looking forward to answer on all your calls and inquiries. Below you find a selection of our product portfolio:

// Spare parts Service
// Technical Support
// Helpdesk / Hotline
// Maintenance Audit
// Electrical Checks
// Machine Condition Evaluation and Audits
// Training and Refresh Courses
// Optimizations (waste, printing quality, maintenance)
// Machine Overhauls
// …

Competitive Retrofit and Modification Solutions

Wifag printing presses were built to the highest quality standards and can be operated over decades.

Wifag services offers a wide range of tailored Retrofit and Modification solutions in order to ensure the security of your daily production and a high machine availability over the entire life and to extend the lifespan of your equipment. Of course, also the best quality of your products and easier operation are on our focus.

These packages can be combined as total solutions as well as for a step-by-step implementation. It is also possible to replace obsolete parts from drives and controls and if necessary, to enable additional functions.

Please do not hesitate to contact our specialists to find the optimal solution for your plant and your type of Wifag press. Below you find a selection of possible Retrofit- and Modification products, depending of the type of printing press:

// Higher quality and ink density during acceleration of the machine
// Compensation of the temperature in the dampening units during production
// Sidelay register for tabloid production
// Stop on position of the plate cylinder
// Decoupling of the printing unit at the end of production
// Emergency mode of the colour register control
// Replacement of obsolete components as Operating terminals, Drives and controls, Computers etc.
// Replacement of complete drive and controls with systems of the latest generation
// Roller brackets
// …

Wifag services offers also the complete relocation of printing machines and is specialized in the field of machine conservation


Outside business hours
+41 79 414 73 74


Rolf Zwahlen
German – English – Norwegian
+41 26 426 18 62

Danilo Bonaventura
German – French – Italian – Spanish
+41 26 426 18 60


Beat Methfessel
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+41 26 426 18 72

Manuela Lanthemann
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Hugo Haymoz
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Martin Santschi
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Pascal Clémençon
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Transportation from the airports to Fribourg

By train:
Fribourg can most conveniently be reached from the airports in Bern, Zurich, Geneva or Basel. You have a direct Train from the Zurich Airport and the Geneva Airport. From the Airport in Bern you have to take a shuttle-bus to the main station and then you have a direct train to Fribourg. If you come from Basel you have to change in Bern.

The ride takes about:
From Zurich about 1h 45min
From Geneva about 1h 30min
From Bern about 1h
From Basel about 2h
Exact departing and arrival times can be found at the web site SBB.
From the train station in Fribourg you can walk or take a Taxi to wifag//Polytype (Costs: CHF 10 – 15 CHF)

By car:
Please take the exit: FRIBOURG SUD (N°. 7). For further information, here our access plan.