DPG Printing in Best goes for a control retrofit with Wifag

The Wifag OF375 S printing machine in Best delivered in 2008/2009, is equipped with the AS-PL14 control of AMK.

In 2017, with a successful partial retrofit, the controls and operating terminals on the 12 reelstands were replaced by the successor model AMKAMAC. This laid the foundation for further steps.

Based on the modular system developed by Wifag to replace AS-PL controls, the remaining controls on the entire system will now be replaced in October 2021. Wifag will replace these controls on all modules within 3 weeks during operation and without any restrictions on daily production.

After completing this work:

  • 96 printing units
  • 6 turner-bars
  • 3 folding towers
  • 3 section controls

will go into operation with the new controls for another 10-15 years.