DDV Druck GmbH in Dresden chooses proven printing technology from WIFAG

As of April 2022, two 32-page WIFAG evolution 473/4 will be installed a section at a time during ongoing operations to replace the three existing rotary presses in the printing center of DDV Druck GmbH in Dresden. The machines are from the printing center of the Neue Westfälische (J.D. Küster Nachf. und Presse Druck GmbH & Co. KG in Bielefeld-Sennestadt) where they have been delivering outstanding print quality for over 10 years. The move and the changeover will be completed by the end of 2022 and ensures that three sections will always be in production in order to produce the over 220,000 newspapers of the DDV daily in eighteen editions. Some retrofit work will also be carried out during the move, specifically the exchange of controls and control terminals at the autopaster level and the replacement of the existing server. Following the conversion, this area will boast state-of-the-art electronics.

After several months were spent evaluating various options, the overall constellation spoke in favor of a solution with WIFAG and control technology from EAE.

The two sections consist of four WIFAG evolution 473/4 printing towers (9-cylinder satellite construction with a 4/2 configuration) with semi-automatic plate changers, two KF 140 2:5:5 folders and four WIFAG A 50 autopasters. The existing control consoles at DDV-Druck GmbH, which had recently been modernized, as well as the planning and control system from EAE/ QIPC will be integrated in the Wifag evolution 473/4.